My Story

I founded Pulse eCommerce to help people like you who are tired of under-performing sales of your products online. Think of Pulse eCommerce as the lever you can pull to grow your sales and strengthen your brand…far more than you can on your own!

I began working online with multiple businesses as an Online Business Manager in 2007. I studied with American Writers and Artists Inc (AWAI) as a Direct Response Copywriter and gained a Diploma in Digital Marketing. In 2016, I began selling physical products on Amazon and other online marketplaces and founded Pulse eCommerce in order to help others do the same. To date, I have coached and consulted with over 200 individuals and businesses and expanded my company to a team of experts who help retail businesses like yours, sell more products online. I have been guest speaker at Amazon strategy events around Australia over the last 2 years.

I’d like to ask…. Are you a brand owner who wants to grow your sales on Amazon? Are you worried about your brand being devalued on Amazon, or you struggle to keep on top of the daily, weekly and monthly tasks?

We can help…

Ring Any Bells?

  • You listed your products for sale on Amazon, but your sales are low and you don’t know why your competitors seem to be doing so much better.
  • Your products are struggling to be seen in Amazon search results.
  • Third-party sellers are offering your products on Amazon and selling them at a price that makes no sense to you. You don’t even know how they got a hold of your product to begin with.
  • Someone put up photos, product titles, or product descriptions on Amazon that are hurting your brand reputation.

You Can’t Just Put Up With It!

If you don’t take action, everything stays the same… you’ll continue to get the same poor results and feel the same frustrations.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes it’s the seemingly insignificant (at the time) decisions that make all the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a free initial consultation?

Absolutely. If you qualify based on a quick online survey you can schedule a 30 minute initial consultation with me.

How Can I Start Working With You?

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call using my calendar so we can talk about your needs and come up with a strategy to get results as soon as possible. Book Discovery Call

Do You Also Sell on Amazon?

Yes we sell products on Amazon. Why not take advantage of the knowledge, network and experience of people who are experienced on the platform? We sign NDA’s and non-competes with all our clients. If it becomes apparent that there is a conflict of interest at any point during our initial 30 minute free call we will let you know straight away and recommend alternative services to help you.

Can we engage you for just parts of our Amazon requirements?

Certainly. We are happy to help you in any area of selling on Amazon that you need.

Karen was instrumental in our success selling on Amazon. Her expertise and experience in analysing, evaluating, sourcing, and getting products market ready is second to none. Karen always delivers above and beyond expectations and provides invaluable insights and feedback on your product choices. We highly recommend giving yourself the opportunity to create & build a successful business with Karen.
Robyn & Gerd Gentemann

Karen has been a stunning asset to my business for 6 years now. Karen has been a wonderful marketing mentor to me, her ideas are always current and savvy, as well as simple to implement and effective. Above all, Karen has a huge heart. She has taken the time to truly get to know me and my product, so that it is a true representation of me and my business undertakings.

Alisse Bradley

With Karen’s help, I have been able to put together an effective digital marketing and ecommerce strategy that works for the unique requirements of my business. I would highly recommend using the services of Pulse eCommerce to increase your brand awareness, create more sales and turn potential customers into buyers.

Rob Adams